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Age of Iron got the chance to speak with Eski, the multitalented man behind the heavy metal solo project, In Silent Agony about his debut EP "Villainous"

AOI: Hey Eski! Thanks for chatting with me. I’m honored to be speaking with the mastermind behind the one man band that is "In Silent Agony". I think it’s really impressive that you write, record, produce, and perform your music. How did this solo project come about?

Eski: Thanks for doing the interview! This solo project came about because I really love to write music more than anything. Producing is also a love of mine, so writing & recording go hand-in-hand for me. I have released music myself in a previous group, Morphine Killer, so the steps for self-releasing music were very familiar. I record at my home studio, so you give me enough alone time, you’ll end up with an EP!


AOI: Your debut EP, “Villainous”, features five tracks. Which track do you feel best displays your talent and/or best represents your musical style?

Eski: I would have to say the track “A Dark Embrace” is the most representative of the direction I would really like to expand on – a really epic sounding song that doesn’t have an epic song length!


AOI: Can you tell us about the creative process of “Villainous” and what the songs are about?

Eski: My music always has to be able to stand by itself, without vocals. The creative process is writing instrumental songs, and getting 8-10 together to fine-tune and begin lyrics. Because the writing & recording process is just me, I’ve liked the idea of focusing on 5 really well-crafted songs, and releasing them in batches.
Every song to me on this EP felt lyrically questioning your surroundings. The song “Villainous” is about the idea of “what would you do if no one was looking”. “Diminishing Returns” is about questioning fate, and “Plaguerism” is about questioning everyday perception.


AOI: What cultivated your interest in the metal scene, and which metal artists inspire your work?

Eski: Growing up, I was really drawn to heavy guitars. Creating a song and crafting something from nothing was always fascinating as well. Can you re-create what you are hearing in your head with guitars? I feel like my guitar can tell my story better than words ever can.
My inspirations from the metal world are James Hetfield of Metallica, Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage, Brendon Small of Metalocalypse/Dethklok & Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth.


AOI: What should your fans expect of “In Silent Agony” in the time to come, in regards to album releases and touring/performing?

Eski: I’ve begun working on a follow up to “Villainous”, which will be part two in this triptych/trilogy of music. “Villainous” will be the fork in the road… which path do you choose? The two halves of the face represent the upcoming releases, so be prepared for another batch of 5 songs, with 1 new one in time for Halloween. I will definitely be looking into playing as soon as I get this 2nd EP finished!


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Eski!
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